Fully Engage with Your Educator, Effició Radio, Episode 06 with Sherese Duncan

I want to share with you the Effició story because it truly illustrates my reality of building a legacy.  I would also love to hear your story no matter where you are on the path!

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Brief Show Notes:

I worked full-time and ran Effició part-time in the beginning.

If I was going to really make this a reality, I needed some help.  To progress to the level I wanted, strategically, I decided to meet with a counselor who worked with small business and told him I just started a business helping businesses build profitable infrastructures.  He proceeded to tell me, “You’re an intelligent young woman, why don’t you go work for a nice company and be a secretary.  Why would you want to start your own business?”

Oh my gosh!  What did he just say!  I thought, if this is what he says to me no telling what he says to other aspiring entrepreneurs!

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