How to Generate Cash Quickly

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Let’s just jump right into it!

1. Start your ‘stay in touch’ campaign. If you have built a list of contacts, take the time to organize that list into categories; one for prospects, one for business colleagues and one for potential alliance partners.

Let’s start with prospects. Create a schedule to call at least five prospects per day over the next two weeks. The only thing you are calling about is to see how business is doing and confirm that they want to stay connected to you and your business via your list.

This is not a sales call; this is a stay in touch call. If you only have their email address, then look up their name on Google or go to their Website and get their phone number. Reaching out and speaking live with your list is the best way to re-connect and possibly generate more cash.

2. Combine content and sell it. If you have been sharing articles or tips on your Website, in your newsletter or on your blog then you have a viable product right in front of you! Take the time to package up your best tips into a nice formatted document with a title page, index page, the articles and a brief sales page at the end promoting a higher end product or service. Use a free service to convert your word document to a .pdf (to do this just do a search on Google). Price the product between $10 and $20 and post a links on your Website, your social networks or even print it out and sell it at networking events. If you do not have a merchant account, get a PayPal account –for free— and begin selling!

Even for those of you who have been in business for a while can do this. Maybe it is time to add a new product to your collection.

3. Finally complete your internet strategy: Since there are so many people using the Internet and social media sites, it is beneficial to plan your Internet activities strategically. A Website expands your business’s reach, helping you execute your business and marketing goals. An Internet strategy will help you plan, implement, promote and use your site to build a community, sell products or services, share content or some combination of these.

There are seven steps in creating and implementing an Internet strategy, including (but not limited to) (1) determine Internet goals and use based on the business goals, (2) pick your Website structure, (3) decide on marketing and promotion activities and (4) track and measure results. These may seem to be common knowledge but have you created a good Internet strategy that you can follow, track and change as necessary?

4. Pick one solution and build a marketing campaign around it. Sometimes the best thing to do is pick ONE solution that you offer that represents your business as a whole and build a marketing campaign around that one solution. Next, market that solution over the next six months starting with the big announcement. This is an easy way to build cash flow quickly and within a short period of time. Another strategy is to think about where your customers or clients are feeling pain right now and pick the solution that relieves that pain and begin the campaign.

5. Take a break and forget about it all. Another option, take a break and come back rejuvenated. Relaxation and rejuvenation can work wonders for profits. How? It allows you to clear out the clutter in your brain so that all those creative juices can come alive. It is also healthy. Check out Sherese’s article about Rejuvenation and Renew; it’s about how she didn’t realize how exhausted she was and she woke up and could not see! She was completely drained and did not even know it. So taking a vacation from the business can force you to be healthier and work on yourself instead of the business. In turn, you will feel motivated, refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated – basically ready to take on the world!

These are some quick ideas to get you started. They have worked for us time and time again to bring in quick cash. If you want support in getting a cash-generation plan in place, check out our Entrepreneurship Education.

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