Why the Red Diamond, Effició Radio, Episode 01 with Sherese Duncan

You’re ready to take control of your lifestyle, business, career, and everything in between! You may be in transition, upgrading, revamping or maybe you just need to figure out why you’re not achieving the way you should be. No matter your current status, learn how to acquire your red diamond based on what you “want” as an entrepreneur.

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Brief Show Notes:

Make Your Business Stand Out an Efficio Broadcast with Sherese DuncanThe driving force of our Red Diamond model is commitment.  People commit themselves to all kinds of things; causes, hobbies, other people, and many more. Just being able to make a commitment doesn’t automatically lead to success. To engage fully into getting to the CORE, you must merge commitment with desire, drive, strong discipline, and determination.

You not only have to have the ideas, but you also must be willing and able to turn them into tangible results.  You must have clarity of purpose, you must be clear on the results desired, and you must be clear on why you do what you do.

We’ve mentioned the words “getting to the CORE” often; now it’s time for you to understand what it really means to get there and get your red diamond

The CORE we’re referring to is the location where an entity (your business and your career) that is natural, strong, pure, inviting, invigorating, enlightening, life changing, community changing, and perpetual, exists. When I say, “getting to the CORE of business,” I’m referring to your responsibility as a business owner to be successful. To define your success on your terms, you must dig, dig, and dig until you have built a solid entrepreneurial career matched with a perpetual business entity. It produces income, cash, profits, and wealth consistently over time.

To get to the core, engage in a strategic journey which involves a systematic process. Not everyone can help you take the journey – go through systematic processes – and ultimately get to YOUR CORE, and not everyone makes it to the CORE the first go around-you will go through bumps, explosions, wrong turns, we all go through it.

The process of Getting to the CORE (meaning understanding your business in its pure form and building from there) can be lonely, confusing, and frustrating because you don’t know what’s there until you get there. If you’re not bringing in the wealth, profits, income, and cash you WANT (key word here), there is a very simple yet complex reason.

You’re not getting to the “CORE.”

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