A few weeks ago I shared five main fears, now I want to share what to do when you have fear in any form:

1. Seek those you can trust. Trust is the driver of talking through your fears. Moreover, trust does not automatically qualify the support you need. Take a look at your contacts, followers, or friends – all your lists! Are there any advisors, groups, consultants, or coaches that you can reach out to? You may have to call a few to find the most trustworthy network. Next, seek avenues where you can vent and talk things through from the gut, yes, down deep in your gut! This is like a confession of all that is “true” to you and it’s important that you cleanse your gut. Ultimately you want to be in an environment where you and your “trust person(s)” help each other-it must take place in the right environment.

2. Stay current, do your research, and remain prepared. As I mentioned; the fear of the unknown can kill any joy ride. In business, we all take risks, ones we know about, and ones we realize after we land; however, research is part of the process no matter what. You should stay current on the environment, social, and political landscapes that affect your business in terms of industry, target, and solutions. Most of all you must remain prepared so you can adapt, upgrade, downgrade, move sideways, or remain steadfast as things around you change.

3. Train yourself to be patient. You shouldn’t get caught up in you fill in the blank! You can relax and chill as an entrepreneur, you don’t have to always be on, it is your choice, however, you should know when it’s time to get to work and when it’s time to be patient and let your work – do its job – on its own. If you work for the quick fix, you’ll get it! There are detours, but the short cuts will cut you eventually. Perpetuity, sustainability, a legacy—learn to be patient and achieve everlasting successes along the way.

Learn patience, perseverance, and preparedness.

This will kick FEAR in the butt all day every day!

Sherese Duncan

© Effició, Inc.

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Sherese Duncan

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