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Red Diamond Incubator

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Red Diamond Incubator provides a customized path to whatever you want!

When you think of moving your business forward or taking your business to the next level, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? More money, more resources, better tools, focused direction, go online and search for marketing solutions, or maybe you have a clear idea of what you want but you’re not sure how to make it ALL happen?

As growing businesses, we all have these “thoughts” but when it’s time to choose and actually execute, we tend to get overwhelmed with this crucial first step – to actually choose the starting point…we, a new product, a new service, hire a super team, target larger clients?

Then we get discombobulated and continue with business as usual dreaming about the moment when we get the time and the additional funds to actually move our business’ forward.

Unfortunately, we don’t have time to wait.

Effició understands the concept of growth, next level, forward direction, reinvention, and most importantly innovation. When it comes to SUPPORT with moving your business forward and increasing your income, it always has a starting point. This starting point is not about starting from scratch, the starting point is making the decision to start on a strategic path!

Red Diamond Incubator is your first step to get focused!

You have to learn how to play the game called business, and it’s not about what’s on the surface – it’s about digging and getting to the CORE of what it will really takes to do ‘whatever you want to do’ in your entrepreneurial career and in your business venture(s).

As you work each module, you will discover:

  • How to Increase your revenue potential.
  • How to Sharpen your vision, where you are going and why.
  • The drivers that Create results in all areas of your business.
  • How to Develop a Strategic Blueprint.
  • How to Design a realistic and executable path to what you really want as an entrepreneur.
  • How to Evaluate and measure skills, productivity and marketability.
  • How to Reinvent your business by transmogrifying!!
  • How to Engage in the right activities to grow your business.
  • How to Transition from forced action to inspired action.
  • How to Manifest the entrepreneurial experience within your business culture.

and more!


Red Diamond Incubator Modules:


Get Transmogrified


  • Module 1: Confirming the Transmogrification Goal
  • Module 2: Get Over Yourself, Get Out of Your Way and Do Good Business
  • Module 3: Get Your Mind Right
  • Module 4: Get Street Smart
  • Module 5: Get Business Intelligent
  • Module 6: Get Progressively Proactive
  • Module 7: Full Transmogrification Implementation 

Each module is broken down into transmogrification action steps to complete. Each module will remain available as long as you’re an incubator subscriber with Efficio.


  • Module 1: Mobilize Your Personhood
  • Module 2: Mobilize Your Skills
  • Module 3: Mobilize Your Image
  • Module 4: Mobilize Your Brand
  • Module 5: Mobilize Your Lifestyle

Each module is broken down into personification action steps to complete. Each module will remain available as long as you’re an incubator subscriber with Efficio.


  • Module 1 Trim the Business Fat and Get Operationally Lean
  • Module 2 Eliminate All Free Products and Services
  • Module 3 Execution, Taking Action, and Moving Forward
  • Module 4 Which Business Game Are you Playing
  • Module 5 Strategic Target Marketing
  • Module 6 Target Identified . SELLING Begins
  • Module 7 CEO Sales Tools to Support Your Selling Process
  • Module 8 Outline Your Operational Blueprint

Each module is broken down into CORE action steps to complete. Each module will remain available as long as you’re an incubator subscriber with Efficio.

Why FINISH the modules?

No matter your place on the business life cycle, no matter how successful you are, and no matter how educated and intelligent you are, everyone must go through a strategic development process – consciously or unconsciously. And…consistently throughout your entrepreneurial career.

You must be deliberate with your strategic development by making the right choices, at the right time, and in the right frame of mind. To become progressive, proactive, and ultimately transmogrified:

  • You have to choose to develop You, Inc.
  • You have to choose to be a strategic business Achiever
  • You have to choose to work on your Total Entrepreneurial Career
  • You have to choose to be a Visionary
  • You have to choose to be Proactive and Progressive

In order to choose you have to Get Transmogrified! first!!

Can I Get to the CORE of My Business and acquire my Red Diamond with less work?

You cannot expect to change, evolve, and transform your total mindset immediately, even though that would be wonderful. It won’t realistically happen because progression is key and progression involves a process. In order for this process to be effective, and the habits to stay in place, it will take time.

Also, we have so many (CORE) areas that we need to address. Each module focuses on a different area and provides steady yet strategic forward progress.

Your Result: Mental energy to do the work necessary to become extraordinary in your total entrepreneurial career!

The idea is that after you complete all incubator modules, your business venture(s) will run more smoothly, plus you’ll have gained the knowledge, skills, habits and routines necessary to continue to evolve your red diamond business as you and your business grows!

Trust me, maintaining can be just as much of a challenge as getting there in the first place, so the CORE skills and disciplines are needed!

When do the modules start? Am I too late to begin?

Our modules are ongoing. You don’t have to wait until January 1st or any other arbitrary time to begin. Instead just jump in wherever you are right now and take off from there. (However, make sure to begin with Transmogrification!)

How do I keep up with the Incubator topics?

  • Once registered, you’ll access the learning incubator website with access to each module as they open the first of every month. Once we complete all modules; they will remain open for you to access as long as you’re a subscriber.
  • Each module provides detailed tutorials along with action items to complete for each tutorial.
  • You will access monthly content sessions live via a conference line where Sherese Duncan will share specific details on each module and guide you through completion of your action items.
  • Every quarter, you will be able to talk with us one on one for a first come first serve q&a call to keep you on track to complete your modules.

However, we know that it can be hard to remember to check something on the web each week, so we are also going to send out reminders as part of our Red Diamond Newsletter.

Access the Incubator!

The Red Diamond Incubator gives you Efficio’s EXPERTISE AND KNOWLEDGE in a short amount of time with the highest impact possible.

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