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My belief, and the brand of Effició, is that in order to become profitable and realize your ultimate business and personal vision with entrepreneurship — you have to get to the CORE of your business and build from that. Not everyone can help you do that and not everyone wants to get to the CORE.

In order to get to the CORE, you have to transmogrify! Believe me, I know. After 22 years as an entrepreneur, seven business ventures, and over 1000 executive clients, I know.

If you focus on delivering your excellence, you will transmogrify (to change into a different shape or form, one that is fantastic or bizarre) your person, your career, your skills, your business, and your lifestyle.  As these elements become refined, what emerges is first acceptable to YOU and then becomes acceptable and embraced by the community you serve through entrepreneurship and beyond.

First, why Transmogrify?

It could mean making huge life changes, or changing businesses, but it could also mean changing your attitude towards your situation, your business, and/or your life. No matter what, you CAN get out of that space where you feel disengaged, discombobulated, and disconnected. You can free yourself from going on the same roller coaster ride you’ve been on. You can take advantage of an infinite amount of possibilities that are waiting for you.

Next, how will transmogrifying help you?  

Transmogrifying will allow you the chance to understand yourself more, to know what infinite opportunities are available to you, and to take the steps you need to make positive changes in your total entrepreneurial career.  However, it takes time and patience.

A transmogrifyer, really?

Yes, really! This is not a new person or a new title, it is a process that only a select few can commit to and intelligently share through education. And yes, this is my opinion and experience. Most people begin with, “so you’re a coach?” Although I have wonderful coaches in my personal referral network, a transmogrifyer is different than a coach. First, my team and I are “trusted, confident collaborators” who helps our students of entrepreneurship create the wealth and the complete, whole, balanced life through entrepreneurship.

What is a “transmogrifyer?”

A “respected resource,” that will transmogrify your person, your skills, your image, your career, and your business. You will grow in skills, knowledge and intellect that will drive execution that bring about results. Effició’s tagline says it best…“getting to the CORE of business,” and it is YOUR business.

Over the years, I have found that a lot of aggressive energetic entrepreneurs make the mistake of functioning as a self-employed person vs. an entrepreneur who creates cash flow, jobs, and business ventures.

The skills to be a good employee are not the same as those required to build and grow a business, let alone an entrepreneurial career. Do you really know where you’re going and how to get there but never realize your true vision? Or maybe you’re not sure where you’re going because you’re too busy paying the bills.

If you’re ready to invest in a transmogrifyer, then follow my 60-Day ICONIC Ramp Up Steps below:

  1. Become a Private Community Member
  2. Schedule your Entrepreneur Business Introduction.
  3. Take the CORE Course from our School of Entrepreneurship.
  4. Spend 30 days engaging with me and my team through Conversation Café events.
  5. Choose to begin your Entrepreneurship Education Program within 60 days of completing step 1 to access our advanced training.


If you want to speak with me live and get your most pressing business questions answered, join me for Conversation Cafe, Live Radio Shows and Monthly Chats, they are exclusive community benefits! Or follow step number two above to schedule your an introduction.


Your Transmogrifyer,

Sherese Duncan

© Effició, Inc.

p.s. Learn more about our Entrepreneurship Education.

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Duncan has owned and operated Efficio, Inc., a business education company for over 20 years. As the visionary leader of Efficio, Inc., Duncan is spearheading a global initiative to help entrepreneurs build successful business enterprises. In addition, over the last seven years, Duncan’s expertise extends to seven additional viable businesses including dimage, an image consulting firm, Efficio Radio Network, a small business talk Internet Radio Station, Efficio's Business Institute, an online school for entrepreneurial credentials, Tactical Growth, a strategic marketing firm for small business owners and For Educators, an organization dedicated to serving higher education institutions with entrepreneurial curriculum, marketing support and program development.

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