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November 26, 20180 Comments

We often hear entrepreneurs say how fun owning a business is.  We also hear them say, “It’s a lot of work, but no pain no gain, right?”

Entrepreneurship, for some, is their passion, whereas for others, it has become just another J-O-B.  And those with entrepreneurship in their blood feel they could do it forever.

But will they?

There are a lot of entrepreneurs who are “flying by the seat of their pants.”  They’re trying to build a profitable cash-rich business without any structured entrepreneurial training or specific instructions.  Flying by the seat of your pants means you make things up as you go along – you are basically just winging it.

A successful business takes a certain amount of investment in time, energy and creativity. Savvy entrepreneurship requires full engagement instead of just winging it.  Winging it is too costly in the long run.  If you aren’t planning for the long haul, it shows. You know it, your customers know it and well, just about everyone you interact with for business purposes knows it.

To begin FULL ENGAGEMENT, instead of flying by the seat of your pants:

Get Your Mindset Together.  We have a new workshop called Get Transmogrified!  It’s about changing into a strategic business thinker.  Before you can do anything about any business situation you’re in, you have to have the right mindset.  You have to train your brain to think strategically no matter the decision no matter the business.  Thinking strategically and transmogrifying takes a willingness to become business intelligent and progressively proactive.

Build a Blueprint Not a Plan.  Too much planning can cripple your business.  Planning an integral part of business development.  The challenge is turning those plans and documents into a vehicle for execution.  That’s what a blueprint will do.  It lays out your plans in the right order so you can not only implement and execute, but you can adjust and revamp as necessary.  Start with a plan but end with a solid Strategic Blueprint.™

Engage in Intangible Activities Through Education.  In order to bring about tangible results, you have to embrace the intangibles of business development:  thinking, reading, writing and counting.  It’s about increasing transferable skills that apply to entrepreneurship.  Skills can be learned in the classroom, from reading books, and many other creative ways.  As an entrepreneur you must engage is a focused training program that provides information, education and specific instructions on how to develop your business to the next level.  This means continuous education and training.

Build a Small Business System.™  Your business is the ultimate system.  You have to think the full business development process through.  Most entrepreneurs think their products and/or services are the most valuable thing in their business.  It’s not.  The most valuable thing in your business is the systems and processes that get your products and/or services to your comprehensive pre-qualified target market quickly, easily and profitably.  In other words, have you identified a buying target market, are you able to reach them and are you able to convince them to buy your solutions?

If you find yourself in a situation where you are stalled or you keep winging it, it’s time to do something about it.

You don’t have to run your business blind anymore.  FULL ENGAGEMENT starts with calculating your business risks instead of “flying by the seat of your pants.”  Calculating business risks takes focus, discipline and strategic direction; it’s time to invest in full engagement.

Your Transmogrifyer,

Sherese Duncan

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p.s. Learn more about our Entrepreneurship Education.

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