Question: “My business is doing fine and gaining momentum, I think I’m more scared than my bank account because I still have clients and my business is still moving. How do I keep my own negativity from affecting my progress?”

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Answer: This, as most of them are, is a loaded question. First, think about what you need help with specifically. Do you need someone to listen and not reply? Do you need help determining the next steps for strategic development? Or, do you need to enhance the business in some way that maximizes your role as the leader?

These questions are crucial and they only represent things that I’m thinking of without speaking with you directly. When you’re in this type of situation, think about what you need specifically and what you “think” you want specifically. These are two different perspectives and we have to look at them both.

However, first, our goal is to get to the CORE of what you can do now.

As we are watching countless stories about loss, grief, pain, despair, and stress, whether it be from TV, social networks, phone calls, or video chats, it can put many of us in a state of disbelief, discontent, and disconnect. There are numerous negative emotions that can affect our actions, and thoughts.

Here are some of the things you can begin to discuss with yourself or with a trusted colleague that doesn’t know you personally:

First, what are you really feeling? When you say negativity, what are you referring to? Is it sadness, and if so, what are “really” sad about? Is it fear of the future, if so, what it is about the future that you fear, specifically? Or is it your mind playing tricks on you and you are taking on the emotions of others, if so, is it guilt that makes you do this, or is it how you “really” feel.

These are a few of the initial things to tackle first. Talking things out is a good first step for owners of small businesses. We can’t get to the CORE without taking this step. Believe me when I say, not a general conversation or talk, but a detailed nitty-gritty problem identifying solution-seeking discussion.

It’s about exploring, talking, dialogue, and sharing. Talking through what you say, getting to the core of what you mean, and analyzing from a “truth” perspective; it will reveal the source of what you need to address.

Sherese Duncan

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