Keep Your Operations Simple to Keep Your Strategy Effective

June 29, 20200 Comments

Simple, effective, and required! Here are 12 action items you should implement, manage, and maintain to keep your business operations simple, and your strategy effective:

1.  Offer Quality Solutions (products, services, support, innovation)
2.  Understand the Lifetime Value of a Customer Seen or Unseen (their perception is your reality)
3.  Be Known for Something (other than how much money you’ve made)
4.  Build a Solid Business Infrastructure (systems, process, strategy)
5.  Invest in Sound Legal Advice (not from a website service from a live person)
6.  Engage in Strategic Planning (consistently with your team)
7.  View Your Business as an Investment (of time, resources, cash, and knowledge)
8.  Watch and Take Care of Your Money Daily (financial analysis not accounting)
9.  Be Willing to Learn New Skills (and apply them consistently)
10.  Renew and Rejuvenate for Business Sanity (for you and your team)
11.  Maintain Good Business Relationships (for business not personal friendships)
12.  Get Out of Your World and Into Someone Else’s (explore new industries)

Don’t just read this list, actually live it within your business!

Sherese Duncan

© Effició, Inc.

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