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February 23, 20160 Comments

strategy_and_systemsA lot of big business gets process wrong but small businesses have a great opportunity to get it right. When you think of process, your first thought might be “no more procedures!” But in a small business you should think “bring it on!”

Process offers many ways to measure progress when used correctly.  They should simplify tasks that are necessary to keep daily operations running smoothly.  However, you don’t want too many processes that restrain the person managing the process from executing consistently.

Here are five ways process can increase production for small business if implemented and managed correctly:

1. Process Can Empower with Action: the goal is to create a framework of documentation that allows your staff to implement processes without the need for questions, clarification or meetings. The goal is to streamline and simplify.

2. Process Can Give the Small Business Owner Time to Support Their Team: If you’re (the owner) bogged down with low-payoff activities (as the owner low payoff activities are those that cost you more if you do them than if you have your staff do them) that should be delegated to your staff then you’ll lose focus and your team will begin to de-value the company. If you implement process correctly, this will not happen and you can focus on high-payoff activities.

3. Process Promotes Meetings are Focused and Only Held When Necessary: When your full Small Business System is in place you’ve developed clear-cut procedures for specific key functions in your small business; meetings become less of a chore and more of a time to celebrate and motivate.

4. Process Works Great If This Formula is Understood: Strategy + Systems = Direction and Focus. In order for process to work effectively in any business, they must be developed based on your vision. Without vision, you can’t have strategy, and without strategy, your systems are chaotic. This takes time; although the time spent developing a clear direction will translate into consistent cash-flows, revenue and income.

5. Process Allows Owners to Become Visionaries: There are three major roles you will play in your small business, the manager, the leader and the visionary. The manager manages people and things, the leader leads with intention and sets the tone for the team, but...the visionary sees the big picture and ensures the TOTAL company is taking action on achieving that big picture and beyond.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to process. We have great training program to ensure you get it right.

What do you think? (post your comments below).

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