Marketing is Only One Piece of the Cash-Flow Puzzle, Effició Radio, Episode 04 with Sherese Duncan

You may believe that your business is about providing quality products and services that fulfill a gap in the marketplace, so if you find the “perfect” way to market and sell them, you’ll be successful, right?

Well…yes and no.

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Brief Show Notes:

Everywhere you turn, there’s another marketing guru, marketing expert, or marketing firm providing the latest and greatest way to market your small business.  It is very overwhelming!

Marketing is not about tactics, tricks, or the latest social media trend.  It’s about a consistent method of putting your company, your brand, your image, and your business model in the hearts and minds of a BUYING target market.

As a small business owner, Marketing should be approached strategically.  How you present your business (not your products or services) with words, images, and technology will determine how quickly you can capture and convince your audience to buy from you.

Your internal marketing strategy should include providing a simple market planning process that can easily be implemented and eventually upgraded or expanded as your market grows and expands. The key word here is “market.”

Marketing plays a vital role in successful business ventures. How well you develop a plan that markets your business will ultimately determine your degree of success or failure. Even though marketing is very important, it’s only one piece of your business.

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