From CORE to Root, digging deep.

From CORE to Root is a hub for the discerning taste – those that want to experience unbridled joy, insatiable curiosity, and intellectual stimulation. I created this space to share my CEO journey behind the business, to invite friends to share theirs as well, and to be the breeding ground for living – – the entrepreneur’s life with style.

My CEO Journey from CORE to Root by Sherese Duncan

The details…

Several years ago I began a journey that I never expected. I was embarking on a learning adventure around the world. I love to travel, I love learning, and I love experiencing new adventures, however, I never imagined I would explore the northernmost part of Sweden as a Ph.D. student. From that point on my perspective expanded, my tastes opened up, the CORE of my business was secured, joy was infused into everything, and alignment began to take root. I was no longer having “root” moments, I was getting rooted.


Chicory Root Coffee by Sherese DuncanMy first “Root” moment happened in New Orleans during the 2012 Essence Festival. It was my first time in New Orleans and it was foodie heaven for me. However, I never thought it would be where I found root, Chicory Root that is! I love coffee!! While having breakfast at a small restaurant near our hotel, I sipped the most heavenly cup of coffee, oh my, it was good. At the time, I had never tasted coffee that smooth, creamy, delicious, and warming. I asked the waitress, “what’s in this coffee!” She said, “you don’t know about that root? It’s chicory root.” I was hooked. I embody research so my search for “that root,” began. Later that year, I started making my own blend of coffee because I could only get “root” coffee from New Orleans, just like that, I discovered a new dimension of “getting to the CORE of me.”

Since inception, my team and I have lead Effició clients to the CORE of their businesses and we continue to provide our clients a transmogrifying experience. As we continue to evolve and grow as a team, as a company, we are all individuals with our own set of unique characteristics. Our clients are individuals with their own set of unique characteristics. As CEOs, we get to the CORE of our business, although, in order to move into alignment, we must get to the Root of our personhood – the individual leading the business that serves individual clients, individual team members, and most importantly, our business. From the CORE, any new discovery or any new awareness or “ohhh, I get it!” moment, has transmogrified into a “Root” experience. From the CORE, I respect my ability to shape and mold the DNA (culture, mindset, image, voice, and power) of my intelligence in a way that presents extreme value to those I serve, “Root.” From the CORE, as I travel around the world and embrace culture and surprise, adventure and discovery, “Root.” And the same can be said for my love of clean food, wellness, & dining experiences, for cultivating friendships that inspire, for allowing the external to reflect the internal through eternal image & beauty, “Root.” Knowledge, understanding, wisdom, character, and identity that manifests through careering, living, loving, laughing from the CORE to the Root. That’s what “Root” means to me.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure! I’m grateful and thankful for your support and companionship on this wonderfully “rooted” journey.

Let’s get rooted!

From CORE to Root, digging deepSherese Duncan, CEO

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