Owning and acquiring a successful entrepreneurial career is an investment and that investment should yield positive results.

To choose the right investments for your career and to perform at your best, develop a focused mindset.

Entrepreneurial Career WomanNow is the time to “focus” on defining your Entrepreneurial Career.  We start our businesses and we don’t realize that we are developing a career in the field of entrepreneurship.  In order to begin, jump-start a career analysis and define a career approach.

Most things we do at Efficio begins with strategy, your entrepreneurial career is no exception.  Let’s begin slowly, pick number one or two below to organize your actions with the correct strategy YOU want:

1.    Entrepreneurial Career Strategy – this career strategy involves planning your career path based on investing in high-level execution.  You may have many ideas for a business and want to create multiple income streams through business ownership.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you manage all businesses; your focus is more of visioning and investing in a multidimensional platform of business opportunities.

2.    Business Owner Career Strategy – this career strategy involves planning your career path based on owning one business that you lead, manage, and grow.  You also may have other ideas for ownership but all lead to one main business yet they offer multiple opportunities to deliver your message, product, and/or service lines.

Each strategy has a few sub-categories but this provides a starting point.  No matter the strategy you choose, you will customize your entrepreneurial career path based on the entrepreneurial career vision you seek.

These may seem obvious if you’re already in business, however, take some time to document your strategy and all that comes with it. If you’re not sure how to document and consistently “live” it, there may be a few things that we need to work out. If you’re not sure which one or you’re riding the fence, take out a thick physical notebook and begin the brainstorming sessions immediately! Or, maybe you’ve picked one and are satisfied, that’s great, however, I still think you would benefit from small doses of transmogrification.

Once you’ve identified your entrepreneurial career strategy you’re ready to identify your entrepreneurial career approach! Want to discuss, call me on the hotline!

Sherese Duncan

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