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Since 2001, Effició, Inc has remained a resource that offers direction, advice and solutions on how to build and grow profitable cash-rich businesses. In 2005 our media division was launched with our first installment, Effició Radio Network, who has maintained intellectually relevant since its inception. As with everything we do at Effició, our Radio Network is professional and relevant to business owners in today’s marketplace. To get first notice of new shows and special guest opportunities, subscribe to Effició’s enews!

“Effició Radio” is hosted by Effició’s CEO & President Sherese Duncan along with special guest hosts. The radio show successfully supports an unlimited pool of entrepreneurs and business-owners with engaging, interesting, and compelling conversations involving getting to the ‘CORE’ of business.

We invite you to place your business on the information superhighway through Effició Radio Network. We look forward to experiencing profound results by supporting you and your initiatives through a thriving global platform and audience. You can access our shows by viewing our show links below.

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Episode 1: The Small Business CEO Airing October 29, 2021

When you’re the CEO/Owner/Founder of a small business, you have to have an edge that makes the most of your personality strengths, your verbal and written communications, and how you influence others in order to build better relationships in business, especially with those who you deem to be your mentors, trainers and coaches. Listen in to get a taste of Transmogrification, No Box Thinking, and the CORE Perspective of business ownership.

Episode 2: Getting to the CORE of Business Airing November 5, 2021

Direct, honest, and enthralling discussion for executive entrepreneurs who need solutions to seal the deal, elevate business, and increase cash flow. We will share personal experiences, entrepreneurial life lessons, and tips to help executive business owners in today’s marketplace develop a stronger business mindset and focused intellectual rigor.

Episode 3: At the Interface: Research, Industry, Education Airing November 19, 2021

Entrepreneurship extends to many disciplines which provides a unique opportunity for diverse community engagement. At the Interface (ATI) encourages connection, collaboration, and community to enable exploration of subjects beyond the boundaries of what entrepreneurship usually entails and share in perspectives that are new, challenging, and richly rewarding. We will dialogue with persons from a wide variety of national and international settings to illuminate one’s area of work, suggest new possibilities for entrepreneurship and business development, and discuss opportunities for future inquiries and research.

Episode 4: Do you need an attitude adjustment? Airing December 3, 2021

When you think of attitude think of it as one of the main drivers of behavior for you and the people you may lead now and in the future. It is how you react to stimuli or input. You either have a positive, neutral, or negative reaction towards an object, a person, place, thing, or event. The way you judge these things and the way that they affect you sets your behavior towards them based on your attitude. This conversation can go in many directions!!

Episode 5: The CORE Diaries™ REALity Show Airing December 17, 2021

Live through their journeys, learn about yourself!™ We are highlighting the process of Getting to the CORE of Business with Effició with an all access pass to how Effició clients achieve success and live the entrepreneurs lifestyle on their terms. The premise behind the show is to show real entrepreneurs participating and documenting their path to their red diamond business.  We’re going to share their CORE stories, explosions – wrong turns – successes – triumphs, and everything in between. You don’t want to miss this episode!


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