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Since 2001, Effició, Inc has remained a resource that offers direction, advice and solutions to aggressive entrepreneurs on how to build and grow profitable cash-rich businesses. In 2005 our media division was launched with our first installment, Effició Radio Network, who has maintained intellectually relevant since its inception. As with everything we do at Effició, our Radio Network is professional and relevant to business owners in today’s marketplace.

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Easy Online Access to your global source for small business talk radio starts here!

Effició Radio Network takes advantage of the growing popularity of Internet radio and we are very excited about this addition to our business education and consulting company, Effició, Inc.

Our signature trademark, Don’t touch that mouse!™ has launched Effició Radio Network into a new dimension globally. We look forward to experiencing profound results by supporting you and your initiatives through a thriving global platform and audience. To get first notice of new shows and special guest opportunities, join our subscriber community!

Tune in…

Introducing our latest show, Red Diamond!

Sherese Duncan, CEO of Efficio Inc. created Red Diamond so that listeners may be not only educated but also uplifted and enlightened in 30 minutes or less. Mind-boosting topics recharge the business minded entrepreneur and each show draws upon its unique ability to successfully place content, strategies, and examples on the same “page” with its listeners. “Our content is valued because it based on our passionate entrepreneurial spirit,” says Duncan. “After all, we share the common thread of being entrepreneurs.”

Don’t touch that mouse!™

Tune in to “Red Diamond with Sherese Duncan” and place your business on the information superhighway through Efficio Radio Network. No other show or show host will give you this type of opportunity to consistently reach a global audience of entrepreneurs with such ease and convenience.

You can listen on demand: You can access our shows via this website by viewing our radio show episodes

Or, go here now to listen or subscribe for automatic updates at iTunes.

See you on the air!

Team Effició

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  • Red Diamond Episode 02 Decide to Become Extraordinary Red Diamond Episode 02 Decide to Become Extraordinary
  • Red Diamond Episode 01 Why the Red Diamond? Red Diamond Episode 01 Why the Red Diamond?

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