At some point, you have to take what you have learned, read, studied, and implemented to a higher level of execution and attainment. Effició Radio, Episode 18 with Sherese Duncan

We always talk about “next level,” but now it is time to engage in “next level” activities. First, what is your next level?

Let’s work through this.

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Brief Show Notes:

Reach Higher and Define Your “Next Level” - an Efficio Broadcast

Hopefully, you’ve become intelligent about your business based on the last two month’s episodes.  Now you need to work on your “it” factor. You are a direct reflection of your business therefore, how you are perceived is very important for internal business development.  You lead, you oversee, you create, you build the team, you instill the vision, and you are the visionary.  If the visionary is on point, more than likely the business itself will follow suit.

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