Red Diamond Podcast (Engage Series) MOD1: Personify and Mobilize

January 9, 20200 Comments

Personify and Mobilize

Red Diamond is your first taste of “Effició style” everything! You’ll access red diamond nuggets of information that will rev up your “red diamond status.”

RD Episode 20: It’s much easier for customers to connect with a personality (the way in which you portray or “live in” your identity) than a handful of claims or benefits.

You are your career, you are your company, you are the voice and character of your vision, don’t you think it’s time to Personify Your Identity?

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Your Transmogrifyer

Sherese Duncan

p.s. Remember, your overriding Red Diamond objective is to Focus, Fully Engage and Finish!

How are you going to commit to “personification”  Share in the comments below…

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