Red Diamond Podcast (Focus Series) MOD6: Reach Higher!!

December 28, 20190 Comments

Get Progressively Proactive Part II: Reach Higher!!!

Red Diamond is your first taste of “Effició style” everything! You’ll access red diamond nuggets of information that will rev up your “red diamond status.”

RD Episode 18: It is time to get ready for full transmogrification – it is time to reach higher!

At some point, you have to take what you have learned, read, studied, and implemented to a higher level of execution and attainment.  We always talk about the “next level,” so let’s engage in “next level” transmogrified activities.

This episode is comprehensive; you have a lot to work on and a lot to implement.  You have to be proactive and not wait for a crisis to get energy against you before you choose to get things done.  In order to get the energy, be proactive and get what you want:

  • You have to Focus on energizing your mind with the right information, the right resources, and the right tools.
  • You have to Fully Engage by thinking about, listening to, reflecting on, and ultimately implementing realistic goals and strategies.
  • You have to Finish by investing in your strategic skills development.

It’s time to step up and become the visionary.

Listen to the show:

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How are your action steps coming along? Questions…post them in the comments below. You can share stories, accomplishments and even testimonials!

Your Transmogrifyer

Sherese Duncan

p.s. Remember, your overriding transmogrification objective is to Focus, Fully Engage and Finish!

How are you going to commit to “getting your mind right?”  Share in the comments below…

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