Some of our passions include Lifestyle, Mindset, Cognition, and Wellness

At the center of our passions is to strive for inward and outward growth of TOTAL personhood. This is something that is very important to Efficio.

We have a relentless quest for knowledge, understanding, and intellect so that we can apply all that we discover to our lives and share with others.

That’s why research is infused into Efficio’s business model. To support our joy-center, the desire to encourage “truth” learning and growth, each for-profit program Efficio provides is tied to an outreach initiative. When you invest in learning with Efficio through our education, you’re not only growing within, but you’re also helping others to grow, and much more, through our Research Institute’s research, teaching, and outreach.

growth through research

Infusing entrepreneurial research into education, teaching, and learning.

  • Our vision is to perpetuate collaboration, connection, and advancement for entrepreneurial students, professionals, and executives.
  • Our mission is to build a strong, focused support system, including a resource network to share ideas, a research hub to communicate meaningful strategies, an education incubator to fuel ideas, and tools that provide continuous skill development.
  • Our purpose is to conduct comprehensive research in the areas of entrepreneurial cognition, marketing, and linguistics that fosters continuous advancement through entrepreneurship and business education.

You can also check out our research blog entries, and our latest publications.

Our CEO, Sherese Duncan is pursuing her Ph.D., check out her journal updates.

For the latest entrepreneurship, business, and marketing research news and updates, follow us on Twitter! @efficio.

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