growth through research

Infusing entrepreneurial research into universities, organizations, and small businesses.

  • Our vision is to perpetuate collaboration, connection, and advancement for entrepreneurial students, professionals, and executives.
  • Our mission is to build a strong, focused support system, including a resource network to share ideas, a research hub to communicate meaningful strategies, an innovation incubator to fuel ideas, and tools that provide continuous skill development.
  • Our purpose is to conduct comprehensive research in the areas of entrepreneurial cognition, marketing, and innovation that fosters continuous advancement in operations, cash flow, and strategic planning through entrepreneurial education.

The domain of entrepreneurship:

  • Increase Intelligence
  • Provide Knowledge
  • Encourage Transmogrification

We work with entrepreneur and business organizations, higher education institutions, and small business agencies that share our passion for entrepreneur teaching and learning. We plan to collaborate with national and international entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and visionary decision-makers to create an atmosphere of candor and purpose; where innovative thinking and learning lead to strategic action.

Action that produces results for our clients and partners.

We also have a focused community outreach program.  Our community outreach (CO) initiatives reflect our pledge to share our expertise, professional experience, and research to meet the needs and contribute to the entrepreneurial initiatives that advance the learning opportunities and life experiences of individuals within our community and its sister communities around the world.

Our community outreach program is dedicated to our entrepreneurial disciplines including training, coaching, consulting, and innovation through the following initiatives:

  • Support the advancement of entrepreneurial learning with innovative technology.
  • Support the advancement of entrepreneurial learning delivery and facilitation.
  • Support the implementation of strategic educational programs through research and relative resources.

Our Research Interface

Efficio’s Research Interface Purpose: To research the behaviors undertaken in the processes of discovery and exploitation of entrepreneurial ideas.

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