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December 10, 20170 Comments

Sherese Duncan wants to Connect with CEO's of Small Business

Are You Ready to Get Transmogrified! With Me!!

I am very excited that you’re here! I’ve been waiting (without knowing it) for over 18 years to share my personal stories and life long passions that has allowed me to become the person I love and the entrepreneur I respect.

This is the beginning of my journal and journey as the CEO of Efficio, where I’ll be sharing what I have learned and applied regarding intelligence, image, mindset, lifestyle, inspiration, indulgence, and therapy! All these things have not only been helpful to me but also my elite clientele through my true baby, Efficio (You can check out my professional bio)! It was really hard to let my baby grow up, but I’m proud to say that I’m truly living the entrepreneur’s life with style.

Over the last 18 years (and counting), my clientele has not only developed wonderful business enterprises but 100% of them have benefited from our work together personally! From the beginning, I have always believed that your mindset is the energy behind the deep connection to how you perceive success, living, life and anything else you’re passionate about.

Just to clear things up…business is personal! Especially, if you created it from scratch!!

Not only have I helped my family, friends and clients transmogrify, I have also gone through my own transmogrification. And let me be honest, I hadn’t worked on me in a long time (read my “vision was blurry” post to learn about my wake up call). This was a huge aha moment for me. I thought, if my clients can take the drill sergeant (that’s me in the business world), then I could.

So for the last five years I focused on my own transmogrification!

As a result, I’m even more focused, fully engaged and finishing what I start. With this journal, I hope to encourage true learning and growth with your personhood.

I look forward to inspiring and motivating you!

Welcome to my journal!

Sherese Duncan

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Duncan has owned and operated Efficio, Inc., a business education company for over 20 years. As the visionary leader of Efficio, Inc., Duncan is spearheading a global initiative to help entrepreneurs build successful business enterprises. In addition, over the last seven years, Duncan’s expertise extends to seven additional viable businesses including dimage, an image consulting firm, Efficio Radio Network, a small business talk Internet Radio Station, Efficio's Business Institute, an online school for entrepreneurial credentials, Tactical Growth, a strategic marketing firm for small business owners and For Educators, an organization dedicated to serving higher education institutions with entrepreneurial curriculum, marketing support and program development.

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