From CORE to Root is a hub for the discerning taste – those that want to experience unbridled joy, insatiable curiosity, and intellectual stimulation.

I created this space to share my CEO journey behind the scenes of Effició, Inc., to invite friends to share theirs as well, and to be the breeding ground for living the entrepreneur’s life – – TRANSMOGRIFIED.

From CORE to Root, digging deep.™ SD

Get Rooted!

Root-Nib Single Origin Coffee Blend

My Root-Nib Single Origin Coffee Blend is my go-to on most mornings! I have several variations, including, adding cinnamon, special oil, lavender, elixirs, whatever my heart’s desire is that day. Once you get the base Read more…

The Image You Represent

The way you present yourself, and your business in everyday interactions is a powerful vehicle for promoting your image. Whether you represent a small business or a major corporation, your goal is positive results with Read more…

I Was Unable to See!!

I’ve shared this story with many and it never gets old. It was Fall of 2005, I woke up and was unable to see!  My vision was blurry, even with my glasses on.  I thought Read more…

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