Sherese Duncan CEO Efficio, Inc.As President and CEO of Effició, Incorporated, and founder of three other businesses, Duncan is one of the most sought after speakers and business strategist by organizations and entrepreneurs alike, Duncan has developed and taught entrepreneurial training for Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Business Owners around the world through Effició’s Business Institute. She has also taught undergraduate and non-credit courses on business strategy, business systems, technology, financial management, human capital, marketing, and many other disciplines of entrepreneurship.

Duncan has owned and operated Effició, Inc., a business education company for over two decades. As the visionary leader of Effició, Inc., Duncan is spearheading a global initiative to help entrepreneurs build successful business enterprises. In addition, over the last seven years, Duncan’s expertise extends to several additional viable businesses including an online school for entrepreneurial credentials, a strategic marketing firm for small business owners, and an organization dedicated to serving higher education institutions with entrepreneurial curriculum, marketing support, and program development.

In life and in business, Duncan takes a different approach than many; instead of encouraging her business clients to follow the age-old saying of “think outside the box,” Duncan pushes her clients to realize that there is no box in the first place!

Duncan is a “trusted, confident strategic partner,” who helps her clients “create the wealth and a complete, whole and balanced life that they want through entrepreneurship.” Duncan and her companies are all about execution and results. Simply put, her business approach works.

Duncan’s unparalleled ability to lead, motivate, and give entrepreneurs the “kick in the pants” they need; Duncan has established herself as one of the leading and most comprehensive small business resources today that can ‘mobilize’ entrepreneurs to exceed their definition of success.

“Giving advice, analyzing issues, and solving problems for others comes naturally to me, defying the odds, elevating platforms, and claiming the unexpected; I embrace focused energy and mental power to take myself, and others, to the next level. As the CEO of Effició, Inc., my desire is to have discussions, dialogue, and commentary about living the entrepreneur’s life TRANSMOGRIFIED!” Sherese Duncan, CEO

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