Giving advice, analyzing issues, and solving problems for others comes naturally to me, defying the odds, elevating platforms, and claiming the unexpected; I embrace focused energy and mental power to take myself, and others, to the next level. As the CEO of Effició, Inc., my desire is to have discussions, dialogue, and commentary about living the entrepreneur’s life in alignment!

There’s so much we can discuss!

Years ago I began a major transmogrification. Entrepreneurship can be daunting and wonderful at the same time, we give all our attention to the business not realizing that entrepreneurship can also impact our minds, our actions, and our lifestyles in ways we never expected just to name a few. For me, I had to learn how to manage a healthy addiction to my business (yes, small business addiction is a reality). However, everything I’ve done (and will continue to do) was on purpose, mind you. It was part of my plan to move not only my company but also my entrepreneurial career to (my defined) next level.

To my delight…it worked! And, in the process, I also moved my TOTAL PERSON to a transmogrifying level! And that’s what I’ll share on our Blog.

Sharing what I know to be true about living the entrepreneur’s life in alignment!

To begin…

borasjwater1. Go to Bora Bora and Go Topless! Yes, I said topless! It means to be free, take chances, open yourself up completely. It’s the most liberating thing you could experience. It’s about experiencing life to the fullest.

2. Take the time to get out of your world and into another. It can really boost your entrepreneurial spirit but most of all your fun factor!

3. Take stock of your image, outwardly, and inwardly. Once you’ve taken stock, you can begin to define the real you and start reflecting that in everything you do.

4. Really define what you want to do with your entrepreneurial career. You have embarked on a career and you have to nurture and take care of your career.

5. Own Up! You have to own up to the reality as it is today, right now. As entrepreneurs, we tend to focus on the future a little too much. Face everything today. Mediocrity and Not Being Ready are things that are no longer acceptable by me and most importantly, they should not be acceptable to you!

6. Get WELL not just healthy! What are you doing to focus on wellness? I’ve always been an active person but I have to make it part of my business day to include wellness activities that energize my body and my brain. If not, I couldn’t keep up with all the demands of my career. Focus on total wellness.

I look forward to inspiring and motivating you to live your entrepreneurial life in alignment!

We help entrepreneurs with the full development of their entrepreneurial careers and business ventures whether they’re a start-up, growing, or 20 years into the game.  Effició’s vision has been realized and we offer complete full-service organic solutions for entrepreneurs around the world.

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Sherese Duncan, CEO, Efficio, Inc.

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