Over the last 20 years, we have discussed…

  • Transmogrification
  • Systems
  • Infrastructure
  • Processes
  • Strategy
  • The Street Perspective
  • There Is No Box

Now it is time to move beyond where you are today – it is time to reach higher!

At some point, you have to take what you have learned, read, studied, and implemented to a higher level of execution and attainment.  We always talk about the “next level,” but now it is time to engage in “next level” activities.

Here are nine ways you can begin to reach higher:

1.  Create at least three new innovations.  These can be innovations or innovative ways of conducting business.  You can design a brand new solution or you can devise a new way of delivering your existing solution.  The keyword to remember here is innovation.  With so many individuals already in business online and offline, your competition is fierce.  Be innovative in your solutions or the way you deliver your solutions and this will help you reach higher.

2.  Create a development system.  Creating a development system involves re-engineering an existing element of your business or adding a completely new element to your business.  It is normally called research and development (R & D) in large corporations, but for small businesses, I call it the Development System.™  You have to stay abreast of the new trends and techniques that allow you to create new and improve products and services.  The most successful entrepreneurs have multiple solutions and multiple brands.

3.  Train your brain.  In order to think strategically and execute with precision, your mind has to be sharp.  In order to keep your mind sharp, you have to train your brain and keep it healthy.  I will be talking about this more in the upcoming months, but in the meantime, engage in some healthy brain training tools.  Visit this Website for a great place to begin:  http://www.lumosity.com/

4.  Define success from your client’s perspective.  Hopefully, you’ve already defined what success means to you if you’re really ready to reach higher; next, begin defining success from the perspective of those you serve.  This doesn’t mean simply asking your clients how they define success; rather, it means asking yourself, “How will my solution allow my clients to become successful?”

My personal example: I know I am successful when those who work with me reach a certain level of cash-flow and peace of mind.  That defines success for me but it is based on those I serve not just how much money I have in the bank.

5.  Take social media and email breaks.  You cannot take your reach higher solely with social media networking and responding to emails.  For the next 30 days, check your email only one time each day and engage in online social networking just two times a week.  The rest of the time, work ON your business and finally implement, engage, talk to clients…all those things that email and social media put on the back burner.  Get back to the basics of respecting your business and servicing your clients.

6.  Schedule eight hours per week for strategic work.  Planning, organizing, strategizing, delegating, and other strategic tasks should be on your schedule for a minimum of eight hours per week.  This does not include to-do items, checking email and voice mail, training and coaching time, or client appointments.  You need to focus on strategic development work in order to reach higher.

7.  Bring your dreams into reality.  Do you ever have dreams about your business?  What have those dreams been about?  Where are you trying to go?  In order to get off dream street and bring those dreams into reality, you have to implement steps that take you to where you want to go.  How?  Simple: set goals, put them in order, and add them to your calendar. It is that simple!

8.  Teach a course at your local community college.  Nothing keeps you on your toes and in the know more than teaching adult learners.  They will ask you questions that you have never thought about and they will challenge you to reach higher every single day.  Check the continuing education department and see if they have courses or seminars on entrepreneurship.  Ask how you can apply to teach or volunteer to be a seminar leader.

9.  Hire a strategic partner.  Coaching is a wonderful profession and there are many excellent business coaches.  To reach higher, however, you have to move beyond coaching and onto a higher level of training and education.  Action Coach, the number one business coaching franchise in the world defines business coaching as the act of coaching business owners to improve their business through guidance, support, and encouragement.  This type of support is good but to reach higher you need a strategic partner and a coach.  Efficio defines a strategic partner as a coach, a consultant, a trainer, and an educator, all rolled into one fantastic package that specializes in business and entrepreneurship.  Strategic partners will not only coach you but teach and train you on the transferable skills needed to create additional brain assets.   Let us be your Strategic Partner.

So, are you ready to reach higher?

Sherese Duncan

© Effició, Inc.

p.s. Learn more about our strategic development program.

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