Red Diamonds: The Soul of Business

When Sherese Duncan first began implementing the principles we’re sharing with you, there were several students who jumped in with two feet and became her inspiration and motivation to take ‘CORE’ to the next level.

Today ‘CORE’ is the central driver of what is now Red Diamond, our full collection of executive entrepreneur education.

We’re going to introduce you to these souls of business that helped shape Effició into what it is today by engaging, learning, growing and succeeding on their terms.  I’m hoping that their stories motivate and inspire you to Get to the CORE and become a Red Diamond!

The Souls:

Look for Red Diamond Soul of Business stories below.  Some of them are still in business and some are not; however, all of them provided invaluable insight to our journey.

Entrepreneurship is our CORE competency.  Effició is your Strategic Partner.  Sherese Duncan is your Transmogrifyer 

  • Red Diamond Souls: Debbie Red Diamond Souls: Debbie
  • Red Diamond Souls: Ellen Red Diamond Souls: Ellen

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