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Invest in Full Engagement

Invest in Full Engagement

November 26, 20180 Comments

We often hear entrepreneurs say how fun owning a business is.  We also hear them say, “It’s a lot of work, but no pain no gain, right?” Entrepreneurship, for some, is their passion, whereas for others, it has become just another J-O-B.  And those with entrepreneurship in their blood feel they could do it forever. […]

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Essence of Effició #9:  Our LEARN Methodology

Essence of Effició #9: Our LEARN Methodology

June 24, 20170 Comments

This month in “Essence of Effició” we are featuring our LEARN Methodology With a strong focus on experiential learning and authentic assessment, and our “LEARN” methodology, your entrepreneur continuing education program provides real world skills, tools, and experiences needed to become successful entrepreneurs. We accomplish this by embracing experiential learning by incorporating exercises and activities […]

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Essence of Effició #4:  Entrepreneurship Education

Essence of Effició #4: Entrepreneurship Education

August 27, 20160 Comments

Welcome to the “Essence of Effició!”   Each issue, we’ll feature a part of Efficio that you may not know about.  This month we are featuring Entrepreneurship Education Full Time Program. No more excuses. You don’t have to run your business blind anymore.  Start calculating your business risks instead of “flying by the seat of your […]

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