You have to take your theories or what you think and turn them into tangible results. Effició Radio, Episode 16 with Sherese Duncan

You have to experience what you think and prove your theories to be true from the ‘streets of business.’

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Brief Show Notes:

Getting to the CORE is not just about breaking barriers, engaging in strategic thinking, getting more organized, or getting your skills in check. It’s also about taking control of your professional brand which includes your business. Taking control is the direct result of adding street education to your portfolio.

Here at Effició, we call it the street perspective. The Street Perspective allows you to alleviate disconnections with your professional success.

There are four types of education a business owner should have,

  • Academic Education – the book smarts
  • Professional Education – the experience smarts
  • Financial Education – the money smarts

and the missing link…Street Education – the street smarts.

You have to add street smarts to your development in order to fully transmogrify, but it can’t be learned only in a classroom. It mostly comes from your experiences in the ‘streets of business.’  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about being negative, cutthroat, or hurtful, it’s about your mindset, your ability to engage in inspired action, and getting informed on multiple levels.

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