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The Knows and the Don’t Knows

June 20, 20170 Comments

TRANSMOGRIFICATION NOTE #6: Let’s continue to Get Street Smart!

get_transmogrified_notesThe first thing to know in the business game is “either you get it or you don’t,” or better yet “either you know or you don’t know.”  Not only are there distinctive classes within our society, but there are distinctive classes within business.  I categorize them into two classes based on what I’m sharing with you in this article:  The Knows and The Don’t Knows.

The Knows are those people who understand that they’re entrepreneurs (a person who realizes personal, financial, career, and wealth goals through business ownership) not just business owners.  They read, write, plan, count, think, and strategize on a consistent basis and know how to leverage their knowledge and resources to become profitable in business and wealthy in their personal lives.

They define their ‘in’ status.

The Don’t Knows are those who take the short cuts, take the easy roads, or they never take the time to read, write, plan, count, think, and strategize a true path to their business vision and personal vision.  They’re doing OK, but the road to wealth is very hard, time consuming, and unfulfilled.  They’re overworked, disengaged, discombobulated, and burnt out or on their way.  They haven’t defined ‘in’ for their business or their personal lives.

If you’re still not sure what I’m talking about when I say ‘in,’ here’s an example:

Do you remember the movie Baby Boom with Diane Keaton (87’)?  Her name in the movie was JC Wyatt, and in the beginning they described her as the Tiger Woman.  She was a tough business woman but suddenly life interrupted; she gets news of an inheritance from a relative from another country and off the bat she suspects its money. Well it’s not money, it’s a baby girl and all of a sudden she was a mom. Her boyfriend doesn’t like the idea of a baby and he’s outta there.  The new baby girl, Elizabeth, got in the way at first, but she began to understand the value of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in all aspects of her life.

Later, Elizabeth (the baby) proves to be too much the company could handle, and JC gets fired.

After being forced to quit (she was suppose to be partner), JC moved to Vermont – She gets bored one snowy day and decides to make apple sauce. Her baby loves it, and while at the local grocer some New Yorkers show up wanting to experience the country life and saw J.C.’s baby sauce sitting on the counter (JC brought applesauce for the owners wife) and was excited to find gourmet baby food (it wasn’t gourmet, but the packaging reflected a gourmet image) and decided they needed some to send to friends and asked J.C. how much?

After this experience, JC decides to sell her homemade baby apple sauce.

Opportunity fell in her lap and she seized it, pretty soon everyone wants some of her gourmet baby apple sauce.  She read, wrote, planned, counted, thought, strategized and leveraged her knowledge and resources and started a business.

The last scenes end with her getting an invitation from the old company wanting to buy her business and mass distribute.  At first, she was yes (like yes I’m ‘in’ there) but she really wasn’t ‘in’ yet.  She heard the offer and said, no!  “If you can do it, so can I,” she exclaimed.  The story ends with JC coming home to her house in Vermont, and embracing Elizabeth.

Again she read, wrote, planned, counted, thought, strategized, and leveraged her knowledge and resources to become profitable in business and wealthy in her personal life.  This movie is great for motivation.

The moral of this example:  If you get it and you know it, you’re on your way to mastering the process of building a solid Small Business System which will equip you to take control of your life!

Now that you’re in the know…you have to take action!

Review and complete the June Challenge now!  Don’t wait, it’s time to really get focused…

Your Transmogrifyer,

Sherese Duncan

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