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the Root of My Addiction by Sherese Duncan

Entry 4: I Was Proud of My Addiction

Entrepreneurship can be a catalyst or it can be an addiction that perpetuates dreams, hopes, and what ifs. The critical difference hinges on your ability to go through a strategic process of discovery, exploration, excavation, sorting, cutting, and polishing.

Here’s how I first discovered the root of my addiction…

In my third year of business during the Fall, it was 3 am and I suddenly woke up. I sat up straight and said, “OMG, I forgot to send out an email to the training coordinator for a presentation I’m presenting next week!” I proceeded to get out of bed, went into my home office, logged on, and sent out a very professional email. After I clicked send I was so proud of myself. I thought, “I’m so dedicated, my million is just around the corner.” And of course, I had a huge smile on my face.

I know…crazy.

Anyway, I went back to bed and the next morning my husband looked over at me and said, “you know you’re addicted don’t you?” I said addicted to what? He leaned over and looked me straight in the eye with his nose pressed against mine and said in a very light yet stern tone, “You’re Addicted to Your Business!”

I said, “Really, I’m so excited! I wonder if there are other people like me!” Yes, I was proud of being addicted to my business. Don’t get me wrong, a little addiction is needed as a CEO, founder, and owner, but it’s a fine line that we all must manage. During my early years, I thought my strong desire, drive, and relentless striving was the reason I was successful and progressing, however, my business was taking over my whole life. For a long time, from my perspective, I was achieving, however, in reality, I was headed to burnout and exhaustion. After a lot of work (transmogrifying), I have a HEALTHY addiction to my business. I’ve learned how to manage my addiction and after some research; I found that some addictions are healthy for us if managed.

I discovered how to manage, and align as a leader of a small firm, this was the beginning of a transmogrifying experience.

Sometimes you feel so alone as an entrepreneur and wonder if other people are experiencing the same ups and downs, highs and lows, successes and failures, and many other things I could mention.

Ask yourself: Is your quest for business ownership a catalyst for freedom (money, lifestyle, do what you want to do, live on your terms), or a costly (family, time, money, sanity, disconnection, health) addiction that creates the illusion that you’re free?

It is no secret that addiction is a very serious problem that can lead to detrimental consequences for the person addicted and the people that are affected by their addiction.

On the other hand, there are addictions from a CEO’s perspective that can be healthy and worthwhile if managed.

As an entrepreneur who owns a business, if I didn’t have a small dose of addiction to my business, I wouldn’t be able to do the work necessary and have the mindset needed to get off dream street and on to passion road. Conceptualizing, organizing, starting, building, growing, sustaining, and maintaining a business is hard work and if you’re not willing to get inside of yourself and deal with everything – you’re going to perpetuate the striving for freedom and never realize the freedom you’re seeking.

Realizing that you may be addicted to your business to the point where “you’re robbing from your strategy, to feed your dream,” instead of “fueling your passion with cash, income, profits, and ultimately wealth,” is very liberating! It’s liberating because you can do something about it.

If you find yourself thinking, eating, and sleeping with your business on your brain then you’ve come to the right place.  Let’s begin your transmogrification with a quiz to see if you’re addicted to your business!

Are You Addicted to Your Business Quiz

  1. Do you consider vacation the perfect time to get caught up on work?
  2. Do you eat, drink, and sleep with your business on the brain?
  3. Have you made excuses for working on your business in place of engaging in fun time with family or friends because you just have to finish whatever it is you’re working on?
  4. Do you regularly exceed the expectations of the goals you set for your business?
  5. Do you regularly miss the goals you set for your business and have to change the date, time, or another aspect of your goals?
  6. Are some of your closest friends entrepreneurs?
  7. Do you get along better with people who are entrepreneurs?
  8. Is your business your best friend?
  9. Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to write down something you know you want to remember for your business?
  10. When working, have you forgotten to eat breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner?
  11. When working, had your butt become numb because you haven’t gotten up from your desk for over five hours?
  12. Do you get offended when people offer advice to you about your business because you know what you need to do and what they’re advising is stuff you already know about?

Business Addiction Quiz Scoring:

A.  If you answered “yes” to 3 or fewer of the above, you may have a slight case of Business Addiction. Confess your business addiction story in the comments below and ask questions so you can manage a healthy small business addiction.  Also, you may want to join me for an advisory session to ensure your skills stay current.

B.  If you answered “yes” to 5 or less of the above, you are very likely to have Business Addiction. Take the actions in “A” above and then join me for support as a community member. Our webcasts, resources, and conversations will help you manage your Business Addiction to a healthy level by talking through your ideas and having someone you can trust holding you accountable for your business activities.

C.  If you answered “yes” to 9 or more of the above, your Business Addiction may require an ongoing support plan in the form of entrepreneurial education.  Take the actions in “A” and “B” above first.  Both can help you immediately. The next step would be to schedule your business introduction to see if our 24EDU program is what you need to manage a healthy addiction to your business.

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From CORE to Root, digging deep


Disclaimer:  We are not downplaying those who have serious addictions that need help from a licensed professional.  Effició Inc., and its owners, are not licensed professionals who can diagnose a series of clinical additions nor is anyone affiliated with Effició Inc.  This is for entertainment purposes only and if you feel you have a serious addiction, please consult a licensed professional for help.   By participating in this quiz you hold Effició, Inc. Sherese Duncan and all affiliated brands harmless from any liability or responsibility for any actions you take as a result of anything shared on this website. Access our full disclaimer here.


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